Does Roon Transcode Lossless to Lossless? [Answered]

Hi All

I have Roon running on a Win10 Laptop with all my music stored on it is in FLAC format.

I use either an Android phone or iPad as the remote.

My questions are as I use cross platform remotes/players is the music converted to a lossy format?

For Instance

I use an iPad (which doesn’t natively support FLAC) as the remote and stream to either an Apple TV or Zeppelin Wireless via Airplay.


I use an Android phone (which does support FLAC) as the remote and use the Apple TV or Zeppelin wireless via airplay.

Hope this makes sense (I am currently using Plex which does not transcode lossless to lossless)


Airplay has it’s own requirements, Roon core will convert to the highest possible format that airplay allows and send direct to the airplay device. The particular remote you use has nothing to do with it.

In Roon the audio transport is from source, via Core, to audio endpoint. Thus in your example the Core reads the FLAC file, decodes the audio to PCM, then forwards the PCM to the audio endpoint.

If the DAC does not support the source sample rate (or format) then the Roon Core will also downsample (or transcode DSD to DoP / PCM) as required for compatibility reasons.

When playing click on the Signal Path icon, which pops up the signal path window where the various transport stages can be seen in detail.

Thanks guys, info very much appreciated.

I guess I can kiss Plex goodbye now.


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