Does RoPieee work with MiniDSP via USB?

My audio system has a MiniDSP 2x4HD that I use for room correction. I currently play Roon into it wired via my iPhone USB (“Camera” adapter) to get 24/192 or I will stream over Airplay for 16/48 (S/PDIF Input).

Would connecting a RoPieee via USB to the MiniDSP give me a 24/192 connection for Roon? I mainly want to do this because it sucks having to plug my iPhone into the USB to get 24-bit audio. I’d rather stream it over the network from the ROCK, and only use my iPhone as the remote control.

Should be ok

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I ended up connecting the Ropieee to a Schiit Modi via USB, then from the Modi to a preamp, then preamp into the MiniDSP. That way I get the better DAC and everything goes through the preamp which makes volume control easy (thus I never have to change inputs or volume via the convoluted MiniDSP remote).