Does somebody know a way jumping to the current playing track in the (roon) playlist

Is there a way to jump to a current song in a playlist.

If you mean find the currently playing song in playlist view, no there isn’t.
Roon just don’t get playlists and seemingly never will.

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If the playlist is in the Queue you should be able to see the “jump to Now Playing” button.
You just need to be in the queue to see it.

This works on PC and Android (i would think it is the same for MAC and iOS, but I don’t have those to confirm).

That jumps to the now playing track in the queue not in the playlist that was queued.

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I agree.
I thought that was what the OP meant by “the (roon) playlist”, i.e. the Queue?

Could be either :slight_smile: have to wait for the judge’s decision :wink:

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Guilty as charged :grin:


I would like to have a way to jump to the track in the playlist which is playing and also get a way to see which playlist is playing while I was searching for other tracks in Roon. Is there coming a solution in nearby time?

Playlists are benign to what’s actually playing they are just a list to populate the play queue. They have no other interaction much like any server software. Once a playlist has been started you can jump to the current playing track in the play queue.