Does SPDIF from RoPieee send Track Data?


My apologies if this has been asked a lot before, or is super obvious.
I have a Marantz PM7000N that I’ve been using over AirPlay, but audio quality is noticeably better with HEOS with the same sources, so I’m looking to change something.

Research here has pointed me towards the Digione Signature.

If I set that up, and connect with SPDIF, will that transmit Track Titles / Names that can be displayed on the PM7000N along with the audio?

I’ve noticed that the amp supports receiving this from CDs, but don’t know a lot about whether other devices support transferring that metadata.

Thanks so much!

there is no way how to send track metadata via spdif (or toslink / Aes / I2S) connection. Only digital AUDIO signal is transferred.

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I’d been seeing that it’s technically possible to send the data, protocol-wise, but maybe very infrequently used?

In either case, it’s good to know that won’t work. I’ll explore some other way to show the data, in that case. Maybe set up a screen of some sort.

I wish Marantz would make it Roon Ready, but that seems rather unlikely at this point. :laughing:

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