Does the core matter for sound quality?

Asus Rog desktop computer with Windows 10, i7 processor, 16gb ram

Eero Pro wifi mesh

Computer connected through wifi
Streamer/Roon endpoint: Lumin T2 connected to Eero node via ethernet cable

I want to put the Roon Core on my Asus computer, but are there any sound differences between that, or another computer or a Roon nucleus or rock?

In Summary.
Yes say some
No say some
Try it and see if it works for you say others

The Roon principals have never made improved SQ claims for either the Nucleus or ROCK.

Pretty sure if there was improvement, Roon would advertise those two products in that manner.

If your computer has the necessary specs to run Roon, then there should be no difference.

Depending on your library size, how many endpoints you have, are you doing any DSP, etc. then you may need more than the minimum specs, but that would be about responsiveness, not about SQ.

Thank you. That’s what I’m looking for I think. I don’t have a library, only streaming Tidal and maybe Qobuz later. I would like to put Roon Core on my work laptop and home desktop and wasn’t sure if there’s a potential for SQ differences.

Just understand you can have only one Core active at a time.

Otherwise, GTG.

Hi @Chris_Spruiell,

Please see these articles for our thoughts on Sound Quality:

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