Does the Core touch the music files when playing? [answered: yes]


I currently run Roon Core and files on the same machine (modded Macmini). The macmini is “bridged” to a dCS network bridge. I’ve been meaning to try to separate core from the files, but i first wanted to understand something.

If the core is running on an appliance (SonicTransport i5) and this appliance is connected to my home network (very busy switch - multiple cameras, nest, ioT etc…), when i hit “play”, does core route the file through my network, or will it find it in library and route it directly to my streamer? Basically, i am asking if core “touches” the files in order to serve them or does it use mapping routes them?

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The Roon Core will read the audio file, decode it and then stream PCM (or DSD) from the Core to the RAAT Endpoint / DAC.

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