Does the first generation Nucleus+ have 2 USB ports or one?

Sorry for the dumb question. I bought my Nucleus+ 2 years ago, does it have 2 USB ports or one? I’m currently not at home and thinking about it is totally bugging me. I was under the assumption that there was only one and I was planning to use a USB hub to connect 2 USB drives. I’d be extremely relieved if my original assumption is proved to be incorrect.

The Nucleus has two USB ports.

From the original incarnation? No doubt about it?

Here’s the manual with a photo - and the Rev A (like Rev B) has two USB ports on the rear panel.

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Thanks Geoff, I was planning to instal a USB hub :slight_smile:

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But he’s asking about the Nucleus+. Is it the same? I’m guessing it is, but IDK.

It’s the same. Same motherboard, different CPU.

thanks everyone, I now have a dedicated Database backup connected to my Nuc

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