Does the latest RoPieee XL support Allo Usbridge Sig? (Problem resolved)

I installed RoPieee XL 4.017 on my Usbridge Sig as roon bridge and everything worked fine for a while. I downloaded the latest version of RoPieee XL and installed it on my Usbridge Sig. After inserting the micro SD card and wait for a couple minutes, I failed to enter the web page of the RoPieee. I repeated the step and the result was the same. I couldn’t make sure the installation was successful or the latest RoPieee XL was incompatible with Usbridge Sig. I would like to downgrade the RoPieee XL but can’t reach the version of 4.017. It was so regretful to do such a stupid upgrade. Is there solution to resolve my awkward situation? I appreciate everyone’s kindly help!

The Allo Usbridge is supported. I’m running one myself.

The red & green is both lit On Allo Usbridge without flashing after inserting the SD card(flashing the latest RoPieee XL OS). Is that normal? I can’t tell the installation was complete or not.

It takes time (10 minutes or so). Which image are you using?

It’s been over ten minutes and I repeat the procedure again and again but in vain. The name of the image file is ropieeexl_ose_pi4-2022.8.1-stable.20220814.524.bin. Is that right? Is it likely due to the malfunction of the hardware though the possibility is pretty low?

That’s the wrong image.

The Usbridge is based on the Pi 3 (compute module 3) and not the Pi 4.

OKay! I’m in my office now and will download module 3 image when home. Hope the correct image will work perfectly. Thanks for your reply!

By the way. So your Allo Usbridge Sig works smooth under RoPieee XL ( latest Pi3 image), right?

Bingo! You’re right. I just download the wrong version. After the installation of module 3 image, the system come back to normal status. Thanks a million!

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