Does the Lumin D1 show album info on the display using Roon?

As the title asks, when using a Roon server and the D1 as an endpoint, will you see the song/album/bitrate info on the D1 front display? Is it a serting? Thanks!!

Title, artist, sample rate, bit depth, track time. PCM / DSD / MQA Studio / MQA formats as well.

Thanks Peter. However when I am running Roon, it just shows the Lumin logo on the front of the D1. When I switch to the Lumin app, I see all the song info. What am I doing wrong?

You may be using Lumin AirPlay instead of Lumin RAAT. If you have no use for AirPlay for other iOS apps, please disable Lumin Streaming setting in Lumin app. For Lumin RAAT to work, please make sure Roon Ready setting is enabled in Lumin app.

In Roon audio setup, please find Lumin D1 under networked Roon Ready device, enable it. In playback, you’d need to select the Roon Ready device instead of AirPlay.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot!

Thanks Peter, that was it. I was using airplay, not RAAT. Loving the D1!!!

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Why not track count?

Just bought a D2. Does it need some sort of “burn in” time to perform at it’s maximum?

Last time I checked Roon does not provide this information.

Users reported an improvement after burn in. You may play some PCM and DSD music in repeat mode 7x24 for two weeks, with pre-amp turned on and power amp turned off (if necessary).

Thanks Peter

I very much like someone from the company you are involved with has such a quick response to questions asked. Well done Lumin. Sounds good by the way.


About the Lumin app, how do i do if i want to play a whole album in Tidal? Do i have to mark every track first to get it into the playlist, or is there a way to play the album in just one action?

In Lumin app on iOS, please tap and hold the album art, it will show a popup to allow addition of the whole album to playlist.

When playing a flac file the display shows pcm. Why is that?

Roon Core decodes the FLAC and sends PCM to a Roon Ready endpoint. That’s how Roon works.