Does the MQA light guarantee a perfect file rip?

Proper MQA is about no more blurring than occurs in a few feet of air. How that’s achieved is not my worry.

This is on Tidal


Yes on Tidal UK, but not where I bought it. Only the 16/44.1 version was available - it was also called Original Master Edition.


Was that on a CD? If it was, it has to meet CD spec as well as do MQA. There is information on this somewhere on the MQA site. Can’t bring the details to mind just now.

Some detail here

No it was a download from Tidal’s online shop in Norway.

I know.
Can you please check which version Tidal UK offers for download? I can’t do it from here as Tidal checks geo-IP.

I don’t download from Tidal so I’m not sure how I would do that. Ok, played it downloaded on iPad but no info beyond MQA Master as source

Then it’s the same as when I downloaded Fairytales; couldn’t see file details until after I’d paid.

Never mind…

I bought the dsd of the restoration. Amazing difference.

I didn’t know there was a dsd version of Fairytales! Where did you buy it?

I tested streaming of this album from Tidal US to a MQA certified Lumin, it’s also authenticated as MQA 24/192. I have not tested this but according to another forum you’d be able to set the quality for downloads in Tidal app, and someone claimed to achieve the same quality for offline downloads.

Based on what I’ve seen, “Original Master Edition” only refers to the master being prepared for MQA at some point and does not imply the music you got is really MQA - that needs to be MQA authenticated using any MQA certified hardware or software, including Roon but there is an open ticket regarding MQA CD.

Amazon hybrid sacd

Of course. I’ve seen that, but I can’t play SACD and I have no way of ripping it. I was hoping you had found a download shop for the dsd files.

Roon authenticates all files fine. I still wonder if the 24/48 version sounds better… I’ll try to get the dsd (SACD). Then I can forget the MQA :slight_smile:

This original recording is done on 16 bit non standard sample rate 50.35kHz. Sample rate conversion is done to get either 44.1, 48kHz or higher as remastered version for SACD and Hi-Res. In the case of MQA version, further processing (DSP) is done and claimed to fix some ‘errors’.

The way I have understood this is that a transfer from the analog output of the MX80 was done to 24/192. This 24/192 was then ‘fixed’ and is the master for both the DSD64 for SACD and the various MQA versions.


Got the hybrid CD/SACD in the mail today. A friend will help get the SACD iso off the disk during this week so I can finally replace the MQA version. I’ll probably use Roon’s version handling to keep both in the library.

EDIT: The DSD version is in the library. No time for listening yet though. :expressionless: