Does the new Roon update work?

Worked fine for me with my Roon ROCK on a NUC10i7FNK.

FYI, the ROCK install works great on the NUC10, but I had to use a thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter in order to get the networking up. If someone knows a trick to get Linux Ethernet drivers on the NUC10 so I can use the built in port that would be amazing.

Works fine on a stone age Sony Vaio with an AMD e350…about 5 min until successful restart.

Mac OS Catalina Beta 10.15.5 and iOS 13.4.5 Beta 2 both work fine and IMHO sound better, smoother and more Analog sounding. I rarely comment on SQ but this update clearly sounds better.

Anyone else noticed this?

Zero problems here. Using a Nucleus

I have reported this as a flaw previously… This was never slow pre 1.6
And yeah, it’s not really a catastrophy, but darned annoying.
If i disable Tidal and Qobuz, the Overview is almost instant though. And when my Core is hosted on a MacBook Pro with WLAN turned off, and the library on a USB-drive, it IS instant! :slight_smile: (Both Tidal and Qobuz are still active, but of course cannot play anything)

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It works and is notably faster for me - loading the various screens as well as the search function are about 1-2 seconds faster than what I’m used to. Running a Mac Mini 2011 as core. :slight_smile:

Yes. Works fine on my Pink Faun Windows 10 streamer!

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I updated last night and it worked perfectly. I am running Roon ROCK on a NUC8i7 and controlling it on my iMAC with the latest OS X Catalina.

I keep having to login to Tidal over and over again every time I start Roon. That might change once I’ve restarted my laptop that functions as my core.

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Core and Windows controller are updated, but no update available yet for my iPad or iPhone. IPad seems to work fine anyway, so am I bovvered?

my Nucleus works fine.

Windows 10 - no issues for me - updated yesterday afternoon (my time).

I haven’t read the update notes (yet), so no idea what advancement/s this included.

Gonna go find them & read now. :slight_smile:

yeah, I’m going to weigh-in. I just went through the update; I am running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. Build date of my MAC is 2011 and I use it for my dedicated “music server” running Roon b/c this MAC still has the slot loading CD-ROM drive. Easy to rip CDs to my growing “virtual music collection.” i use a PS Audio NuWave DSD for my dedicated DAC. I have a love/hate relationship going on with Roon; and right now with the latest update of the software it did cause me some issues but eventually updated and my library is intact. It is just that I find Roon works great at times but then other times it behaves very weirdly and at times does not even recognize my core. I guess this is why i am one of the dummies who doesn’t go all in and buy the lifetime Roon license. And so I still pay year to year. Thinking at some point I will ditch Roon for something else. So c’mon Roon please get your operating system rock solid with selective updates going forward for those who want them vs. those who are happy with the status quo.

no issue! window 10.

My Qnap TVS471 updated without issue. App updated from Apple store as normal. Samsung tablet updated without my intervention. All works perfectly…

Updated with no problem. Few seconds to “update database” with 40k tracks running on 9 year old iMac 2010 (i7) using the highest supported Mac OS - High Sierra 10.13. And the very best part is that FINALLY my various iPad / iPhone remotes can successfully wake Roon in the sleeping iMac. I am very happy!