Does the wifi on NUC need to be on?

NUC 7i7BNH working well with ROCK. Connected via ethernet to router and NAS also connected to router. My question is does the WIFI on the ROCK need to be on? Can we put it off? Any issues if we put it off? Seems to me keeping the WIFI enabled will add to noise. Any input here?

Further, I do not connect the router to the internet all the time. Only once a week to give it a chance to update metadata, software upgrades, etc. Can we connect the ethernet to the router that the NAS is connected to and the wifi to another router that is connected to the internet. Would like to minimise the external noise from the internet provider to the playback chain.

In other words the NUC will be connected to 2 routers: Ethernet to router with the NAS and WIFI to another router that has access to the internet

Any thoughts / input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Dhinesh

Do you mean you have the NUC connected by ethernet to an unmanaged switch (together with the NAS)? Or actually a router?

What models are the 2 routers you mention?

@Dhinesh_Lalchandani If you go into settings then setup then configure Roon os devices then on the webpage that opens you can view wired and wireless networks, if wired is enabled mine shows wireless as disabled, is this what you meant?

If you are connected to the network by Ethernet (NUC one end , End Point the other) then the wireless bit should only be necessary for the Control Point , eg iPad, Android etc

The wireless simply sends "instructions: to the core the Ethernet takes the data.

Is that what you mean ?


The WiFi device eg iPad is connecting to the router or access point wirelessly not direct to the NUC, or do I have it all wrong?

I would assume so , it s how mine works , I have ethernet PC-> Router -> RPi etc then Wi Fi to iPads, Android phones , Windows Laptops

Wireless on the NUC should be off if you are using the Ethernet route , there is no point having both active


thats what I thought! Reduce noise! Thanks!


Nuc connected via Ethernet to a linksys Router EA 3200. The wireless connection on this is on. So the following are connected to the router via ethernet : (1) NUC (2) NAS (3) Network Player.

Roon is installed on the NUC so I can connect to the WIFI of the EA 3200 and control playback.

The 2nd router that has access to the internet is the ASUS RT 68 U. This is connected to my internet network provider (ISP). There is an additional router that the ISP gives me. But I disable the WIFI on this router and connect the RT68U to it via ethernet for internet access. The IP address for the router from the service provider is and the IP address for the RT68U is Taken this route as the ISP router is very slow.

Hence I would like to connect the NUC to the RT68U via wifi and to the EA3200 via ethernet so I get the best of both worlds. Internet access via wifi but out of the playback chain. Is this possible?

Yup! This is where you enable or disable the wifi on the NUC. Usually leave it off, but trying to get the best of both worlds so I do not have to give the EA3200 router internet access for updates. The NUC can update via the ASUS RT 68U via wifi. Additional datails posted above

No issues controlling ROON via the wifi on the EA3200 (details above) What i mean is something else as posted above. thanks

If your NUC is connected via Ethernet then you don’t need wireless. Any WiFI communication you might make will go through your router and from there over the Ethernet to your NUC.

My NUC has its WiFi turned off.

BTW - If you are running Windows and have machine connected via Ethernet, Windows will use Ethernet over WiFI, even if WiFi is turned on.

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I too use ethernet from router to NUC7i7BEH. I have WIN10 on an SSD inside the NUC but never use it and likely will remove that drive.