Does this config look ok for Roon, MicroRendu and using iFi Audio Micro iDSD?

@support, can you kindly have a look please at my setup:
guys there are 5 screenshots, not just 3…as i edited after and added 2 more screenshots to make the analysis easier

Many thanks for your help… I am trying to go thru it all but some things in the ‘knowledge base’ and ‘getting started’ don’t show up in my screen shots due to my configuration.

Laptop as NAS using MicroRendu to iFi Audio Micro iDSD DAC.

iFi Audio Micro iDSD is on eco mode, to powered Focal Alpha 50 desktop speakers
(speakers have no volume button)
and iFI is also on preamp (otherwise the speakers blasts fully) so I’m using the volume control on iFi Audio Micro iDSD.

I will eventually be swapping in a Chord Mojo or Dragonfly Red.

*NOTE: I’m not using any DSD, I’m not a sophisticated listener, instead it is mostly Tidal hifi, ripped CDs, some 24/192 music…

My DACs can do bit perfect but I don’t see any settings for such when I tried to configure it as I did last time. (Maybe using the MicroRendu affects some of this?)

Does the volume levelling affect the sound quality at all?
Anything i I should tweak?

Resync delay is 500ms (thought I’d read in setup that is a good number to use) so far all sampling disabled, should just leave it as ‘disabled’?

I’ll eventually be playing around with the DSP and crossfeed filters etc for my headphones and desktop speakers.

Looking forward to supporting your product, hopefully, in the coming months with a lifetime membership.

PS hope you get a better response with Spotify, should they go lossless… even getting 1% of that base would be fab for you guys (and heck, for us all, in the long run, with more products etc.) .

The blue star you press on to get the signal path turns green, red or something else if Roon thinks its not perfect, so as long as you have a blue star its probably all good.

Volume leveling and headroom management has no noticeable effect on quality, at least not that I can hear. You probably don’t need to use both though, I only use volume leveling but have headroom management indicator on to see if clipping occurs, but its set to ± 0 dB.

You might get a little higher quality if you do up-sampling to max *2, especially if you use convolution engine or EQ, since you increase the resolution they work with. Some seems to like to upsample to DSD, but my DAC can’t handle that so I haven’t tried.

Sorry which one to maximize as your comment?

DSP Engine -> Sample Rate Conversion -> Max PCM rate (power of 2).
or to DSD if your host and DAC can handle it

like these 2 screenshots, as below in updated changes per your suggestion?
i tweaked both systems…

now it is playing a track for only a few seconds,\shows some processing speed @ 1.5-7x
then skipping to the next track.
screenshot below

I would guess your host does not keep up, try lower the maximum sample rate.

what is the host you’re referring to, please?
my laptop? it is 10 yrs old…
or the adsl connection (i’m on 50/50)?
or my DAC it is the ifi micro idsd…?

The one that does the upsampling, sounds like its your computer. Try setting max to 192 khz or something similar. Or just disable upsampling, it only does a very minor improvement (if anything).

some stars are lit up…others are not…does this indicate somethings not in sync or not optimally setup ?


It’s not a case of ‘it up’ / ‘not lit up’ … the stars are different colours representing the status of the audio at that stage in the signal path. If you hover a mouse over the star it will display a ‘tool tip’ detailing more information.

Have look in the Roon Knowledge Base section Signal Path for a complete explanation.

PS Have your tried using the Windows “snippet” tool … it’s very handy when you only wish to capture part of the screen when taking screen shots.

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