Does this error message make sense?

During the recent (ongoing?) DoS attack I got the following error message when trying to view a discography:

I may be missing something, but I don’t see how a disconnected storage device could cause this problem, so it’s probably misleading for anyone trying to troubleshoot this problem.

A generic error message that likely gets used in different places throughout the software. It contains three areas to troubleshoot:

  • Storage (watched folder{s})
  • Internet connection (connection to Roon’s services)
  • Streaming service settings (Tidal and/or Qobuz)
    Unclear what to look for here IMO. Is there a better, more detailed error message available in settings?

Usually only one of the three is the root cause for the current issue. A user checking for all the listed possibilities should be able to find the relevant one. Being more specific would require to add a lot more code throughout possibly large parts of the software - a big effort but not much gain?

Fair point.

I would have thought an If statement (or two) could provide a less generic message, i.e. if you’re on the discography page don’t mention local storage because it’s a complete red herring that’s likely to cause further confusion to novice users trying to troubleshoot the issue. It’s no big deal, I just found it disappointingly vague.

The error triggering the message is likely generated by some “middle-ware” data collecting routine who’s unaware of where the unable to collect data should be used (Discography in your example case but could as well have been the compositions section on the artist page of a composer, both calling the same data collector middle-ware just with different parameters).

But no one can know for sure without access to the source code - so maybe there is room to do better without much effort.

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Possible that some metadata is also kept in the local database which could be a storage issue if it failed too

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Which DoS attack ? Have I missed something ?

BTW not having an active streaming connection will give this error, I got similar when I set up my NUC but didn’t log into Tidal . No Streaming hence cannot provide Discology - Figures

I did miss something !!

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