Does thumb up/down in shuffle play get remembered in any way?

Hi. I’m still learning the interface, and couldn’t find an answer in the community or in the user guide so figured I’d ask it here.

In shuffle play, I realize that the thumb up & down buttons add tracks to the queue (or prevent a track from getting added). My question: is that data stored anywhere? Does it affect anything in the future, or is it just for the particular session?



Interesting question. I always assumed it a stored as a permanent “don’t pick this track again”.

Getting rid of the files for future shuffles after “thump down” was my expectation for roon’s behaviour too but having used the shuffle play more often during the last weeks I realized that the already “thumped down” treated track was provided in a later shuffle for the same criteria again - so my experience “thump up/down” is a pure temporarily judgement (different behavior than banning items).

Right now, it’s only tracked for the session, ie until you start Radio again, or shuffle something new.

The thinking was that just because a song isn’t what you want at this moment, it shouldn’t be banned from being picked forever. This makes sense in your library (since you can already ban any songs you actually never want to hear again) but we may need to rethink this once tracks from TIDAL (that aren’t in your library) are included.

We have plans to overhaul Radio and shuffle play, but some of the metadata improvements we’re working on now needed to happen first. Expect the selections to get much better guys.


I agree completely. I often use the feature to generate a temporary playlist with tracks I like to hear NOW. So a thumb down should only be for the current session. To ban a track permanently another mechanism should be used.

In LMS I wrote myself a radio like function, that let each thumb up or down changes the probability of the track for the next sessions. So a song you often thumbs up comes more often than a track you often thumbs down.
That’s a really nice way to let the radio function adjust to your current listing preferences without excluding something permanently.

Thanks, Mike, for the clarification.

I agree with AE67 that this is the best solution for now – temporary only. The reason I asked the original question was that I was worried it was doing something permanent.

Eventually I think the best solution would be to copy Pandora – the thumb up/down works for that specific station/shuffle play, but the song will come up again in other stations/shuffle play.

Thanks again,