Doesn't work with Android

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Win 7 PC

My Tablets:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Model nr. SM-T820
  • Sony Experia SGP712.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Wifi with Telewell TW-EAV510AC-LTE CAT6 LTE Modem

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Linn Streamer with fixed connection to Modem

Description Of Issue
The Roon client does not work properly on my Android tablets. It stops playing abruptly and does not show tracks correctly. [Moderated]

There is a new Android client on the way which may help but the client is very picky as to WiFi.

I run a Samsung Tab A with no issues, I suspect wi fi is the break point, my end point is wired, Android is only for control

My Linn streamer is also wired. Tablet is just for control.

Hi @Tero_Mustala,

When this issue occurs, are you presented with an error message? Does this behavior occur for multiple zones? If you try outputting to you PC’s “System Output”, do you experience the same issue?

Hi Noris,

no error messages. I have only one zone. I need to chck with the PC’s System Output.

Hi @Tero_Mustala,

Thanks for confirming. Do let me know if this issue affects “System Output” as this would provide another good data point and would help separate if this issue is related to the Core or the Endpoints in use.


I did a short test yesterday and it seems that it does not affect the System output.

Thanks for confirming, @Tero_Mustala!

So this only happens with the Linn streamer, correct?

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup in Roon for the Linn?

Hi, please take a look at the screenshots.

Thanks, @Tero_Mustala.

Does this happen with all content played to the Linn, whether it be local or TIDAL/Qobuz?

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to the Linn?

Does it always happen during a certain point in the track, like at the very end, or is it random?

Can you share a screenshot of exactly what is incorrect?


at least with Tidal and Qobuz, Need to check with local. It is random, rather after 2 or 3 minutes than at the end. It does not show tracks correctly. It may get stuck in the first track in the screen, although it plays further.
Signal path?

Hi @Tero_Mustala,

Just following up to see if you have had a chance to verify with local content, does the behavior occur there as well? The Signal Path that Dylan was referring to looks like this:


Please share a screenshot of what this looks like on your end when possible that also shows the track name issue. Thanks!


yes, the problems are just the same also while using Roon from my Windows PC.

I have a WLAN network in my home connected via 4G modem. My PC and the tablets are using the WLAN. The Linn Sneaky DS is connected to the 4G modem with a cable. My local music files (FLAC) are in a Synology network server, which is connected with cable to a WLAN extender connected to the home WLAN network. The DS is connected to my 2 channel stereo system.
Regarding the original problem, there is no difference between playing the music from the local source or Tidal/Cobuz.

Hi @Tero_Mustala,

Thank you for confirming that this behavior occurs on your Windows PC and with local content as well.

I am looking over the screenshot you posted and I noticed that your Linn is not up to date on latest firmware according to the Linn Release Notes.

Can you please check using the Konfig app if there are any available updates for your specific model? I have found firmware update instructions in the following Linn Docs.

I have updated the firmware mid October but can of course check again.

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