Dolby Atmos music only 2 channel output

I selected/created a Dolby Atmos playlist in TIDAL to see how ROON handles multi-channel output. However if I look at the flow then ROON says the source is 2 channel, hence I don’t get multi-channel output.

My setup is ROCK on a NUC and connected the HDMI connection to my HDMI AUX connection on my Marantz SR6012. I configured the HDMI output zone with a 5.1 channel layout.

Hello @Bart_van_den_Bergh,

At this point in time, Tidal Atmos streaming support is limited to Android phones, Apple TV 4K, NVidia Shield TV, and Amazon Fire TV using the Tidal application.


Thanks, that explains it.

Is that a limitation set by Tidal or does it mean that Roon haven’t implemented it yet ?