Don’t listen to the naysayers about how MQA is crap


I enjoy MQA and that`s all that matters to me :star:

(crenca) #64

Thankfully, some folks see how the lossy, DRM, proprietary, “end to end” rent seeking nature of MQA is not really enjoyment at all :sun_with_face:

(rick stehno) #65

Thankfully, there are people out there that trust their ears enjoying the SQ of MQA, while ignoring all of the BS that people try to throw out dismissing MQA.

(crenca) #66

Thankfully, there are people out there that trust the facts while enjoying the euphonic distortion of a lossy, proprietary, and unneeded encoding like MQA, while ignoring all the subjectivism that people try to throw out dismissing the facts.

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Thankfully this forum has a mute feature. I’m not thrilled with MQA and its DRM possibilities but I am getting sick of repeating myself and seeing others do the same. MUTE.

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Unfortunately, guerilla marketing happens… :monkey_face:


It’s all part of the campaign…


Room platform provides the best of two worlds; Tidal Master based on lossy MQA and Qobuz Hi-Res based on lossless FLAC.

I don’t see the need to go to and for anymore. The fact is always the fact otherwise proven technically.


It’s a bit like a schoolyard when it come to MQA debate. There seems to be some kind of kabal committed to its destruction. Meantime the campaign tries to keep it a topic of debate even though there’s never anything new coming up.

(crenca) #80

MQA Ltd. is going to give a sales pitch at AXPONA this year. Something I don’t think they have been willing to do since Bob S. was directly confronted a couple of years ago (RMAF if memory serves) for his “lies” as the audio engineer who confronted him put it.

Since that time, MQA is even better understood as the lossy, proprietary, DRM trojan horse it is. I wonder how it will go for MQA Ltd. this time? I suspect Bob S. won’t be there…

(Chris ) #81

Meanwhile, the releases keep coming and sounding wonderful on my system…


Same on my system - both with and without MQA…

(Martin Kelly) #83

I must have a split personality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I both ‘love’ and ‘hate’ MQA!

(Daniel Beyer) #84

But, that is the thing, it doesn’t sound wonderful on my system, and I’ve done a ton of testing.

You are using a Meridian system doing a full decode, yes?

(Tim) #85

As someone who listens to MQA content and likes it I understand that you and anyone else who comes to a similar conclusion would choose not to listen to it. I think that is how it should be and I appreciate that Roon may still have some work to do with Roon Radio to allow users who don’t want to listen to MQA content to eliminate it entirely or limit the number of MQA tracks played to the minimum possible.

I don’t know that I can define “minimum possible” that well but I appreciate that any MQA tracks in a user’s library ( presumably none if the user does not want to listen to MQA but you never know :roll_eyes: ) or any tracks only available for streaming as MQA might end up getting played if selected by Roon’s algorithm.

If only some of the naysayers could be a little more understanding regarding everyone’s right to their own opinion and not denigrate the format or those who enjoy it so vehemently.


(crenca) #86

Yep, it is odd is it not - Roon when dealing with streaming almost reverts back to a simple software player with limited functionality. Yet Roon does not interface with Spotify or any of the other mass market services, it serves as a front end to the two “audiophile” services with their layered lossy, CD, and hi res tiers. Here is the solution I think:

(Chris ) #87

Yes, Meridian DSP SE speakers and a 218 preamp Roon endpoint. Visitors are amazed at the quality also with or without MQA, but MQA is a clear step up in overall naturalness. It’s hard to find the words, you just have to listen.

(Daniel Beyer) #88

Chris, right off the bat, what you are hearing is completely different than anyone doing a software 1st decode into a non-MQA DAC. And even if you are letting Roon do the first unfold, you are using a DAC for which specific MQA filters were created for use during the 2nd unfold.

The only time I have heard MQA and have it be jaw-droppingly good was when it was played back through a Meridian system, DSP7200 SEs to be exact. Stunning. But, I don’t own those, and MQA as played back through my other systems not doing the full end to end decode do not sound anywhere close, or even the same, as when played back through that Meridian gear (not talking about the Explorer here).

So, I guess, I am asking you to understand that people not running your kit, are not hearing what you are. And when they say, that in their systems, MQA does not sound right or thin, consider that, in fact, it may sound thin or not “quite right”.

I believe it is valuable information for people to know, in case they are really interested in MQA, which gear will maximize their enjoyment; and, which gear will not.

(rick stehno) #89

There are many of us that don’t have Meridian products and MQA is far from sounding “thin” or strange sounding. This thread is very similar to listening to analog biased guys putting down digital. No matter how good digital is, the analog guys will try to convince you that digital sucks. They throw out the same propaganda against digital as people throw out against MQA.

(Chris ) #90

The thing is, amazing sound is possible with MQA (As with Meridian DSP SE systems) so if the sound is not right in a particular system, you have to look elsewhere. It’s not because of MQA.

There are threads here about Bi Amping and Tri Ampingand active speakers. My DSPs do this.

There are threads about Room correction, My DSPs do this.

There are threads discussing crossovers, passive, active digital. My DSPs do this digitally.

There are threads about jitter, cables, emerging interference etc, My DSPs deal with this.

These are all noble and active areas to consider when tweaking a system and when it’s all sorted, MQA should sound great.

I just chose to buy a system that required no extra tweaks as it was designed, as a system and hindsight tells me, with getting the best out of MQA in mind.

I always remember Meridian used to say Hot Rod or Hi Fi in their marketing. For many the Hot Rod approach is a large part of the fun in building a Hi Fi system, but for me, I just wanted something properly designed.
You could use the analogy of a NUC to run Roon or buy a Nucleas+ . Choices, choices, choices…