DON’T Use Unfiltered Outlet for Nucleus?!

For some reason, I wound up redoing my electric plugs to try and get most of them in my best Power Conditioner.

This resulted in myself plugging my Nucleus into an Unfiltered outlet on my Furman IT15.

My Nucleus always gets a little “warm,” but never closer to the “hot” side.

I just happened to put my hand on top of my Nucleus after changing the plug outlet because it just felt a little warmer in the area. It was definitely on the hotter side.

I changed it back to a regular outlet and it almost immediately went back to its normal temperature!

Not sure if it would have burned out, but just this temp difference I indicates to — NOT USE UNFILTERED INLETS FOR OUR NUCLEUS!


Did you take a VOM meter to the Furman outlets? I think I would check the measured output voltages sooner, rather than later.


No, I have not used a VOM. Great idea though.

My Furman has been bulletproof for years and I know that everything works fine in the regular orange sockets.

I think it odd that the first time I’ve ever used the 2 black unfiltered outlets, that my Roon heated up. I’d wager that the Nucleus should nit be plugged into these for some reason.

This said — I have lost a wager before!

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With the heat you mentioned, it’s worth a look.

Does the owners guide discuss how much current the various outlets provide?

Not a bad idea to run a small DC fan near your Nucleus.

Something like an AC Infinity S1 or S2.

Not a nucleus user here, but isn’t it using an outboard power supply?
If so, the power supply would have to filter and regulate whatever is fed to it, and thus, it would be warming up due to that, but not the Nucleus - sounds awkward to me, anyway.
You should get your AC house wiring and outlets checked first, then also check the Nucleus power supply DC output under both conditions.