Done with Synology for i9

My third Synology unit has had a mother board failure. My latest is a 1019 5 bay unit.

Do any of you use Qnap and have you had better luck?

Any input would be appreciated.

I have been running QNAPs for 12-15years by now. I have never bought. new one, only second hand. And i have never had one issue with any of them. My two first ones, a TS-101 from 2006 and a TS-109 are still in use at friends houses where they still deliver media 24/7!!
Me, i have a TS-470 Pro as my main nas and a TS269 Pro as a backup unit and Minim server. Also have TS-239P+ a spare!

From 4 Synology NAS, I’ve had in the past, all of them are still running without issues. Even though I had to swap the power supply on one device, as it was causing noise on my Hifi (somehow over the ground line I guess). That happened about 6 years after initial purchase.
From 2 QNAP devices, both still run on their original hardware.

I also have a power conditioner delivering power to my relevant network gear, computer and storage devices. Just mentioning this, as I was wondering if you’ve just had bad luck or if this could have been a symptom of a different issue. (But I am also no expert in this area…)

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This is more or less what I thought too. I too run all my important equipment on power conditioners and with over-voltage and surge protection. Maybe issues on the power side led to the repeated deaths of the OP’s devices and a switch of the manufacturer brand is unlikely to resolve this. While I never had Synology products myself, we had several devices in use at my former employer (several on location and some more in other sites over the world) and never heard or faced anything noticeably negative regarding the reliability of Synology hardware.

Interestingly I’ve had two Synology DS-1515+ die on me. The second was the replacement for the first incident. The third replacement sits in its shipping box. The first replacement was covered by extra-cost warranty. The second death was out of warranty but Synology replaced it due to the circumstances. So on a customer service level I give kudos to Synology.

While the 3rd 1515+ sits dormant in its box I too have a DS-1019+ running for all my media libraries. I bought it while waiting for the 3rd 1515+. I slapped a 4 year extended warranty on the 1019+ which covers me to 2024. I believe the 1515 series was subject to CPU defects for specific serial numbers.

If something happens to the 1019+ I will look at Qnap as well. Use the last 1515+ to get the drives up in order to copy 7TB of data over to a Qnap.

Had QNAP for 6-7 years runs great, only issues I have had are software updates that tends to break things for a while and the constant firmware upgrades are tiring, this is more of a thing since they have been a target for malware and ransomware.