Donna Summer 30 CD boxset problem

Same happened to me on a 30 boxset Donna Summer which even does not detect the Artist, very frustrating

That is how my 33 Box Set Folder looks, Rood could not find the Artist name when importing and indicates unknown artist!

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Noone has this issue? I do have hundreads of not correctly tagged albums, especially the Artist Names, interestingly, Jriver and Foobar finds the correct Tags, have I done something wrong in the import settings?

Moved to a thread of its own, so as not to complicate the original support thread.

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Hi @AIA,

When it comes to box sets, there are a couple of options:

  1. You can group them together into one album with multiple discs by following the instructions outlined here
  2. You can treat each disc as a separate album.

Currently it looks like option 2 is happening, but Roon isn’t able to identify these albums. Most likely the file tags don’t contain the proper information for Roon to be able to identify the album. Can you share a screenshot of the file tags for one of these albums? Thanks!

Welcome to the world of box sets :slight_smile:, not one of Roon’s brightest lights

Couple of thoughts (sounds like you have JRiver where you can edit file tags)

Is the Artist and Album Artist tag set correctly in the file tags

Is the Album tag set to the box name, or the individual albums

Is the Disc# tag set1… 30

With you folders as shown Roon will assume set of individual albums and import them all separately to get the box you will need to merge the individuals. Its far easier to get the tags right before you import

Maybe try, remove the folder correct all the tags .

Go settings library, maintenance, clear deleted files then reimport

Hi Mike, sounds like too much work, I didnt find neither a box field or didnt check Artist and album artist is a different field. Yes I used to use Jriver, and I expected with Roon, a software that costs about 10 times of Jriver, I get an easier life with Tagging, sorting and mainly experience, far from it it seems. Give me a reason why I should continue my expensive subscription for an inferior product?


To reply why would open yet another can of worms, there are so many threads answering this question. I would not want to start another turf war of what’s good bad and indifferent.

My (Limited) take is that Roon and JRiver and sufficiently different as to be difficult to compare . My choice between the 2 was simple , use both !!. I have a need for DLNA to feed my Samsung Soundbar and my MyGica Video streamer so I need to maintain JRiver anyway formy Video needs if nothing else.

If I had to pick 3 reasons they would be

  1. Streaming integration (I use Tidal , we don’t get Qobuz here yet) simple the way Roon merges Tidal content with Local content is enough to subscribe to Roon on its own

  2. Discovery (spotting lost gems , interlinks between artists etc)

  3. Metadata automation (with over 5000 local albums getting metadata correct and simply doing it is worth its weight). as an example I added Composition to my Classical Albums it took forever and is probably still not 100% . Life is too short for sitting in front of a PC (I am 70))

Is Roon perfect – No , is Roon Good – Yes. In my view there is enough Good to outweigh the Bad and Roon is still developing.

The test is “Buy in for 12 months and then try to stop” , you will have your answer :rofl:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your thoughts.
Admitting Roon has flaws is not what I expected, I expected solutions, and giving me the advice to sort through thousands of articles here is not what I will do, because I don’t have time for this, that’s why I asked about one of my many problems here. The reason why I wanted to use Roon - is because I thought it made my life easier (J-River is also rather intended for programmers and coders, which I am not and don’t want to become) - and not more complicated and time-consuming. Tagging is easier in J-River and why can’t Roon use this as a role model and make it even easier? We all pay you a lot of money to code and make the software as user friendly as possible. It does not really evolve much over years, or at least not much visible to the user. I asked many times, even 4 or 5 years ago in another thread about discovering songs based on an audio fingerprint, all you offer is a genre or artist based similarity really, no solution to that either. With today’s AI possibilities, I’d expect a lot more usability, in choosing music and auto tagging.

No problem, everyone is entitled to their thoughts that’s what this forum if or , a (frank) exchange of views.

I would say that in the 10 years I have been using digital music, however imperfect Roon may be , I have found nothing better , I have used JRiver for those 10 years and looked at almost every other server / librarian around

I also believe that you cannot expect improvements if there is no contribution from satisfied or unsatisfied users. You cannot alter stuff from the outside.

If I can be of any help please shout

BTW - I am nothing to do with Roon, your words seem to imply otherwise, just a satisfied user.

I see, well, I am not that satisfied as you can read, my expectations are a lot higher it seems in modern code.

Software modern or otherwise has its quirks , something like box sets is not covered well in Roon but there are many work arounds you can use (Something to do with skinning cats :smiling_imp:).

My library is 60%+ Classical and contains at least150 Box Sets , quite a number > 50 discs , while never claiming to be an expert (in anything) I have found ways around .

Keep Well

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