Don't hide TIDAL albums just because I have the same albums in the library

When you do that, it makes it very difficult to find TIDAL MQA albums. If you know about MQA, people who like MQA are crazy about MQA and all they want to do is find more MQA music.

But Roon hides the MQA albums, and unless I know the album exists in MQA at TIDAL, I will never find it.

Please correct it. Make it a user choice in the setting on whether we want the TIDAL albums hidden or not. The MQA enthusiasts will love you for it.

Go to settings and select show hidden tracks and albums.

I thought that setting applies to tracks and albums which I have marked as hidden, not the ones that Roon automatically hides.

But I am willing to try anything.


Then also be sure you set Settings>General>Show Album Format on Browser to “ON” so you can see MQA on every album that has it!
You could also set up a Focus Bookmark. On Album view select the Focus icon, scroll to the right and click on Format. Then check MQA and Book Mark it. Then you will see every MQA album you have, away from those unwashed other versions.

Versions is the place to look. If there is no Version option, it’s not there at all.


I know about versions, Thank you. It does not solve my problem.

My feature request stands.

I have 20,000 albums and I shouldn’t have to go to the version section of each album to find out if there a TIDAL MQA version of it.

I want to click on the artist, I want to see my albums in the Library section, and I want to see all of TIDAL’s albums in the TIDAL section without Roon hiding them from me. And yes, I do know that if I add a TIDAL album to the Library, it will move from the TIDAL section to the Library section. I am OK with this - but even there, Roon should list the TIDAL albums separately from my albums, not intermixed.

Hi @grossmsj, Show Albums with Focus on MQA is a really nifty feature, thank you very much. Until now, I had no idea how many MQA Albums I had in my library!

However, it still does not solve my problem. The above applies to Albums which are already in my library, not to TIDAL albums.

If TIDAL allowed to search for MQA albums (very much like filtering on MQA format), my problem would be solved, I could find them all and add them to my library. But unfortunately TIDAL does not allow to search for MQA albums.

Thanks again,

You can only focus on items in your library, so until you add items to your library, they cannot be focused. Until it is actually added to your library it is not part of your library’s display. The devs have mentioned that there have been discussion to allow us to focus on things outside of our library, but, that is not a quick or trivial task.

Adding large groups of albums en-mass is not really an option either, imho. At some level, you will have to pick and choose which albums you want in your library as MQA and which you do not, since Tidal has a 10k hard limit on your library.

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