Don't hide Tidal albums just because I've added it to my library

Ok so I’ve added an Tidal album (Joni Mitchell - Blue) to my library.

When I’m viewing the Joni Mitchel page, I see “Blue” appearing under “Main Albums” with some other Joni Mitchel CDs I’ve added to the library. Fine.

But down in the Tidal section if I click on “View all Main Albums” then “Blue” is missing. Why? I like to be able to see everything Tidal has for the Artist.

Also why can’t you also show the Year? You have the albums sorted by year?

I turned on the “Show hidden tracks and albums” option but it makes no difference.


Agree completely.


Same here, it has annoyed me since day one.


I believe it is like that to show explicitly that the album is now part of your library and so will be taken into account in radio, shuffle etc.

Yes… It’s good the Tidal album is showing in my Library.
But its annoying that it disappears from the Tidal Albums section.
Could be an option, “Hide Library albums from Tidal lists” which defaults to ON (ie the current behavior).

Could be, but there are so many of these UI requests that it might not be high on the queue…

Yes but if you don’t ask etc…


Totally agree.

When i view “Main albums” in Tidal I would like to se ALL albums from the artist, not minus the ones I have as favourites.
This is not logical!
You can mark the ones that we already have in our favourite list with an icon, that would be a cool feature. Now it`s only confusing!

, but show us all albums!


I agree. This has bugged me from day 1.

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+1 I find this very annoying. The symbol idea is a good one.

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