Don't remove items from the Queue when they've played [done in 1.4]

It’s an excellent question Keith, and I can’t recall seeing an answer. Let’s drop a flag for @danny or @mike to see if they can help us understand the current implementation and any plans for change.


+1 for an option to shownon-destructive queue

I just discovered something the other day. Although tracks are removed from the Queue when played, you can backup through them using the back transport button and bring them back into the Queue. Not a substitute for what people are requesting, but possibly useful in some cases.

Edit: Ah yes, Not news, sorry for the repetition.

Ludwig up above was way ahead of ya :wink: (sorry)

Got a head start: first alpha tester! Was a crash dummy, basically… :dizzy_face:

Hi, any update on whether or not this will be implemented sometime down the road? In my mind, it’s the one thing keeping Roon from being perfect!

Since hammer has revived this thread (which I had not seen previously) allow me to add my vote strongly in favor of the nondestructive queue. I was not at all on the fence, but JBNY made some very compelling arguments. This is not essential, but it would be very cool to be able to save the queue as a playlist after the fact, for those special times you want to preserve.

[quote=“Jim_Austin, post:48, topic:6060”]
but it would be very cool to be able to save the queue as a playlist after the fact, for those special times you want to preserve.
[/quote]Just in case you don’t know already, it is possible save tracks from the history into playlists.

Carl - I did not know that. Thanks.

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I also would like to see this option. The way it is now doesn’t make much sense for my usage. Especially when using the “Radio” feature it’s frustrating to have to go to the “History” to see what the previous song was.

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This dicussion for and against is going on since may last year.
Why not just have a toggle to switch between “removing” and “keeping” played songs in the queue?
It can’t be that hard to offer and everyone can have it their way.
I would very much appreciate “keeping” the queue as is without removing the played songs.
A toggle switch would please both requests.

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When this optional feature is implemented, please also prevent the static queue from re-ordering itself when we select a different song from it. My wish is for the queue not to change by itself in any way when this new option is selected.

I am using Roon through my Squeezebox Touch. When I was using LMS, tracks remain in the current playlist queue even after they have been played. This enables the user to skip to a track further down the playlist and then go back to earlier ones again.

However, using Roon, if I move to a track further down in the queue, I only have the option to play that track now (which moves it to the top of the queue, or begin playing from this track (which removes all tracks prior to this in the list).

Could we possibly have an option, please, (switchable to off or on, perhaps) to leave all tracks in the current queue, even after they’ve been played?

Hi Gary,
I’ve moved your post into this existing topic.

Thins very much, Carl!

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These posts are hilarious… Roon has created a queue mechanism that is unlike any other physical or software player I’ve ever used and, surprise, there a bunch of threads wondering if it’s going to change.

Yes, bad Ux is hilarious :joy:

I don’t want to be a downer, but I am using Roon less and less, despite going through the effort to setup a stand-alone RoonServer on a Mac Mini, as well as HQ Player and a NAA on a Cubox-i on my 2-channel system.

Really sounds wonderful, to be honest, but the playback / queue UX drives me crazy, so I end up dragging down my laptop, connecting the USB leash and just running iTunes + BitPerfect or the native Tidal app for Mac OS.

I am really hoping for a step in the right direction for 1.2… otherwise, I am tearing all of the above down and going back to Volumio + MinimServer + BubbleUPnP.

The destructive queue is a deal breaker for me. I enjoyed the opportunity to try out Roon - which is superior to my current LMS/piCorePlayer setup in most ways - but I rely heavily on a static queue when listening, so Roon is currently a no-buy for me. I’ll keep checking back in the hopes that this feature is ultimately included in the product.