Don't see a way to search Library Only in 1.8

I apologize in advance if the ability to search Library Only is still available but I have not been able to successfully do that. If I search for Rarities of Piano Music, I only seem to be able to see both my library results along with the tidal results, and there isn’t even a “T” visible in the search results to identify what is what. One can lick on an individual album and find out whether it’s a library item or a Tidal item, but we shouldn’t have to guess before we click on it. What am I missing here? Is there some way to request just a search of my library, and shouldn’t we be able to indentify?

If I have missed something here, please enlighten me.

It’s like a puzzle, we have to work to find the golden nuggets:

Focus on your library, then search the focused view.

Doesn’t work.