Don't tell us to upgrade remote first

Nowhere on the “Introducing Roon 2.0 and ARC” does it say the Core requirements have changed. Just to install remote upgrades first. So you do that and ONLY THEN get told the server cannot be upgraded (it’s an old Mac mini but it worked fine) and you are forbidden from downgrading the various Remotes. Forbidden? Really? I had a licence to install it before. Instead I have to download and install a new server just to get me back to where I was before.

Suggest you at least alert paying customers that the hardware requirement has changed (and I don’t mean in the middle of a technical release note) as part of the upgrade process.

Will I buy a new server to run 2.0? Questionable. Will others? Equally uncertain.

I was a fan. As a metadata professional I have held Roon up as a shining example of how good metadata revolutionises the listening experience. Today, not so much.

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You can downgrade to 1.8 from 2.0. Both are still ofciislly supported. You can find more information in the Roon KB.

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Actually Bart, you cannot. You can downgrade to 1.8 (Legacy). I don’t know if that’s the same or whether it’s different and may bring stability issues. If it were the same it would have the same name. The change of name itself means it’s not the same.

And this is a limited time offer. Just six weeks for your kids to come back and find their phones won’t work any more.

But the point is that there should have been a brief, clear warning that the core requirements had changed. Not just a recommendation to upgrade the Remote first without being clear this might disable the whole system and require fiddling with the server.

It is Roon Remote 1.8, and “Legacy” simply distinguishes this app from the current release of “Roon Remote” in the App Store.

The email states that you should check the core for an update, and if this is present, go ahead and update to Remotes.

In addition, there are pinned notices in the forum, including…

You may want to check this help guide, too. But please shout out if you need assistance downgrading.


I don’t need assistance. I have already wasted valuable time successfully fixing the problem Roon has caused.

I am glad you consider the releases the same. I repeat the very fact they have different names makes them different.

You are wrong about the content of the email. It does not say you should check for an update. It says “When you log in to Roon, you’ll be prompted to update your Roon Core to the new Roon 2.0. Please don’t forget to update your Roon Remote on iOS and Android devices before accepting the update on your Core.” Absolutely no suggestion of a need to check anything. The use if “will” (to rather “'ll”) indicates that this is a certainty. But you need to update Remotes first. I did this and bricked my system.

This is not an engineering issue. It’s a customer support issue - which is lacking. And please don’t tell me I should be reading pinned notices in a forum. That’s not in the email either.

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I agree that communication could have been better. No argument there.

The 1.8 legacy release is indeed different. It’s 1.8 + the fact that you can stay on 1.8 for a while longer. Other than that, it is functionally the same.

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