DoP no longer working or configurable

Unraid Server core - Linux 4.19.107 - Roon version 1.7 (build 555)

At some point in recent days my system is no longer playing DSD files. PCM is fine at all sample rates.

The chain is Aries Mini - USB out into Matrix X-SPDIF 2 - optical into Chord M Scaler. It was using DoP for DSD but now the Matrix does not change to Blue when I play a DSD file, there’s no sound and I noticed Roon seems to be playing native DSD now when I checked the signal path rather than encapsulating in DoP.

I checked the Aries and M Scaler Roon settings but there doesn’t seem to be any DSD options to configure. I’m pretty sure there was previously.

I updated my Core to the above this morning but that hasn’t solved anything.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated.


As is always the case, minutes after posting this, I’ve managed to resolve this. I just reconfigured the Aries in Roon from scratch and it’s working as expected again. Please marked as resolved.

I was just about to suggest checking if you had enabled exclusive mode (because that toggles DSD Strategy visibility on my Hugo 2) - just thought I’d post it anyway in case anybody else has a similar issue and searches.

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