Double import after restoring backup

Hello all and @support,

back with another teething problem:

Over the weekend, I migrated my core from a MacBook Pro to a new ROCK NUC7i5BNK. Before, I made a backup of my library, saved on my NAS. After the core on the NUC proved to be running without hickups, I started Roon and on the log in screen, instead of logging in, I restored the backup. After the restore, the screen asked to relaunch Roon, which I did. That brought me back to the log in screen with the options to log in or restore a backup. Having already restored one, I logged in.

That’s when the odd things started. In addition to recognizing the backup, Roon started to (again) import all files from some (but not all) of the given storage locations on the NAS. Which means that, for a lot of my albums, there are now two identical versions in the library (same file info, same file paths). It would be a major hassle to individually and manually hide all these duplicates one by one.

Does anyone know of a bulk way to deal with this? The database of my old core, the MacBook Pro, is deactivated (renamed), so that probably isn’t the culprit. Audio analysis was turned off for the import, in order to speed things up a bit. There are no duplicate locations in Settings-Storage.

I would like to avoid starting from scratch, as I have made quite a lot of edits to the library (merging artists and multi disk albums, grouping versions, etc.). Please let me know if you need any screenshots, logs, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @Roland_Gosebruch!

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage? Are there two watched folders listed here?


Hi @dylan,

I will provide the requested screenshot tonight. All watched folders (incl. the two in question) are listed there, but none is listed twice.


this problem also seems to have rectified itself, although I can’t say why or how. All is running smoothly without unwanted duplicates for now. Thank you for your patience.