Double library after failed backup

After trying (unsuccessfully) to make a backup from my Metadata the Library doubled every album in the library. Each second one is maked as importet yesterday. What have I done? And much more importand: How can I clean up this mess?

Duplicates like that usually indicate a watched folder appearing twice in your settings. Would be worth checking that and perhaps posting a screenshot.

However, you say you had problems making a backup, were you using Roon’s backups system or your own method? What went wrong? It’s usually very straightforward.

Looks like

Managed to schedule the backup in the meantime by using my Computer. Yesterday i tryed it with the Tablett wich I am not so familiar yet.

I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant a screenshot of settings > Storage.

And, to be clear, are you using settings > backups?

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Hello @Bernhard_Otto, and thanks for your report! Brian has the right idea here. Can you post a screenshot of Settings>storage?

As I said, in the meantime I managed to make the Backup. The sreenshot now looks like

I am not able to replicate the old screen when i failed to do the Backup. I think the Backup issue is solved, What I still need to do is to clean up the library screen from all the double Covers, and I dont know how. Is there an easy way to do that? or do I have to delete them one by one?

Can you post this screen please? It will tell us what locations Roon is scanning. Sometimes the same location is hidden in there twice.
Have you added any locations?

This one?

at least not that i am aware of

Note how the number of tracks imported is the same for each watched folder. Roon is seeing the albums twice as Roon will delve down into all sub-folders in your storage folder.

Pick one, and select the 3 dots edit on the right and select disable. You can choose remove later when we confirm all is well.

PS none of this will affect your files on the hard drive.

Thank you, That helped a lot. The most doubles are gone. I still have some Doubles and Triples, and some of them are called “Duplikat” Should I Delete them manualy?

These may be different versions of the same album. Roon recognises these and calls them duplicates. If your settings > general > show hidden tracks and albums is set to yes then Roon displays these.
This KB article explains further.

Can you check your setting and if yes change it to no?

These duplicates/versions can always be seen by looking under the versions tab on the album screen.

Great, done. now the other doubles are gone, Thanks again.

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Excellent. Time to enjoy the music now.

Hello @Bernhard_Otto, glad things are working again! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

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