Double usb out of Lumin U1?

Hi @wklie, a question please. I run your Lumin U1 from a Nucleus+, through my router. Then usb out of the Lumin to a matrix and PSA dac. Is it possible to add another usb cable on the second output of the Lumin, and so connect a second dac simultaneously to the Lumin? Both dacs would be connected to my preamp, which would be used to select which one. I am thinking about the Okto Dac8 stereo or Holo Audio.
Another option is to connect the Okto to my router, but then it bypasses the Lumin, which is a pity.

When using Lumin USB output, only one USB DAC is supported.

When Lumin USB output is disconnected, up to four non-USB DAC can be supported via AES / BNC / coaxial / toslink from Lumin U1 or U1 MINI.


Thank you for your quick answer, Peter.