Double Wagners Appearing

I have suddenly got a lot of double Richard Wagners.

This is because Wagner was both the composer and the librettist in many of his operas. I can recall having a few of these duplicates in the past but just deleted the librettist as it just looks so odd. But now this has crept back in with virtually all of my Wagner albums it would seem. @support is there a metadata update going on in background? I am beginning to notice quite a few unexpected changes.

Good question. I have noticed inexplicable changes with major artists in my library lately, having made zero changes. Recently I had to massage metadata to get Miles Davis to show properly, tonight it was the Grateful Dead. But I’m not importing new albums or changing settings or reconfiguring my collection in any way shape or form.

Oh dear. I was hoping it was just my imagination or my memory playing tricks. It’s not as if I am keeping notes or a log. But I am just picking up too many changes recently I have no explanation for.

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Thank you for allowing me to add my two cents! Every time something like this happens I think “I should make a thread” and then get sidetracked trying to fix it.

@mike, more of the same, again filed by @tripleCrotchet back in Dec. 2018. Poves this issue has been reported and known by Roon since more than two years and not been acted on.