Doubled Gonzales

These are the same person:


after the upgrade importing wikipedia infos, i see more duplicates like this

I’ve seen the duplicated Gonales some days ago, now after a search I did find the same issue (I’m only using tidal with no local files). But it is not actually a duplicate, one of them is Chilly Gonzales the other is Gonzales, but they should be merged :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 11.13.06

This occurs quite often. As we have Gonzales here, I follow up with Leslie Feist who appears as “Leslie Feist” and as “Feist”.

I don’t think that’s necessarily wrong. Leslie Feist is the artist in general and Feist is one of her personas. On the other hand, it does lead to suboptimal situations where tracks are credited to both.

The best solution would probably be something like in Discogs where an artist can have sub-artists associated with them

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Yes, there are artists with many (chosen) aliases, and in that case i think they have to be preserved.
In this case, i think Gonzales and Chilly Gonzales should be merged.

But i agree… Discogs is the best, all the alias (a.k.a.) are connected, with a common artist page. The name credited on a release links to the common page.

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By the way, he also exists as

  • Jason Charles Beck
  • Jason Beck
  • Chilly G

Those two Jasons can probably also be merged (Jason Beck is just a stub without much info) but the relation to Gonzales / Chilly Gonzales / Chilly G is also a complex one

(However, the artist “DJ Chilly G” is someone else)

You can merge the duplicate artist identities in Roon. Go to the Artists view, use the funnel icon to look up ‘Gonzales’, then select the identities you wish to merge. On the top right the ‘Merge artists’ button will appear, and on merging you select which of the selected identities should be chosen as the primary one.

There happen to be other cases when one identity is erroneously conflating two distinct artists. For these cases I have not found a way to create the missing artist and separate the conflated identity into two.

And then there are those cases when on importing an album from local files Roon will create a new artist identity, and on searching for the artist you discover that she has a discography available on the streaming services, but under another identity. So to be able to assign your newly imported album to the ‘right’ identity you have no option but to import an album from the artist from a streaming service and then afterwards merging the two identities as described above. Very unfortunate and clunky, but there it is…

Yes… i know i can merge.
But in this case you loose half of the infos… you loose the wiki page, or the roon metadata page.

I usually merge when one of the pages is empty, or redundant with respect to the other ones.

Are there two different wiki pages on the same artist? Is the data given on one identity complementary to the data on the other identity?

The WP page is on Chilly Gonzales and there is none for Gonzales. So, probably depending on one’s metadata preferences in Roon, if you look at Chilly Gonzales in Roon you get the WP page, but if you look at Gonzales you get TiVo. Merging them can probably remove one or the other

In any case, the whole thing is a fundamental problem in Roon and can’t be satisfyingly solved by manual merges. Roon must arrive in the present times where artists do some work under their real names and other work under any of a range of aliases. There needs to be a representation of that in Roon’s data model

Agree with that. And if there were ever any redesign on the data representation, I’d have some suggestions for improving things for classical artists and classical music in general.

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