Doubled man curtis

these are the same person:


United States and United States of America are the same country as well for that matter and less obscure. The birth place details suggest at least 2 recognized entities for Brooklyn/New York also. Formal cataloguing practices/theory might view these as “authority control issues”, but I’ve no idea how these facts are sourced. I suspect it’s more likely that they’re mined by some kind of entity recognition software than catalogued and curated by people. In reality, enforcing this kind of accuracy/disambiguation in catalogues is a tough problem.

i think that all these doubled artists are simply coming from different sourced (allmusic and musicbrianz, and others) with different criteria.
in general, roon succeeds in merging them, but not always

I am finding a lot more duplicates in recent months. Something seems to have changed to make roon’s equivalencing much less reliable. I find the change in behaviour quite noticeable as I had a system crash at the beginning of the year. I am only now getting around to re-importing old files and I am seeing a lot of duplicates that I don’t remember seeing the first time around.

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