Doubled My Folder By Mistake!

What’s the engineer’s maxim, “Keep fixing it until it’s broken”?

Roon was operating fine, but I was checking some settings and happened to look at Settings → “Storage” and saw that - for unknown reasons - the watch folder was labeled “disabled” in red. so thinking noting of it, I changed it to “Enabled”

Roon started chugging away, obviously importing the files it had already catalogued into the database. My tracks have now almost doubled to 92,641.

There is no “Undo” in Roon, but is there a way to have Roon re-analyze the entire watch folder and de-dupe the tracks? The file folder itself has the correct count, it is Roon that has created multiple listings for a single file in the library.

And, yes, I do have a backup made weekly. I could just install the backup. It’s just something I’ve never done before.

Can you share a screenshot of your Library settings? It may be as simple as eliminating one of the watched directories.

Pretty sure all you need to do is to just “unwatch” the folder you just accidentally added, I have done this myself as well.

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here it is:

I really hadn’t paid any attention to this setting before. I see what AceRimmer mentioned. The file count on “Roon… Internal Storage” and the iTunes Media folder are the same. Makes sense since they are the same physical folder.

I will disable the iTunes Media folder and report back.

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Disabled the iTunes Media folder and Roon’s file count returned to normal.

Whew. Thanks for the help.

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