Doubts about the filtering algorithm - example

Filter: Beethoven composer → Compositions by Opus number (Filter on Op. 73) → All recordings (By recordings date/Only complete recording), then Focus set on CONDUCTORS (Bernstein)
Why is the Bernstein/Zimerman recording not listed?
Although this recording is in the Roon database (as shown in the picture - currently played) and is certainly complete. Beethoven/Bernstein/Zimerman - these are not niche artists …
Where could I went wrong ?

Last time I raised a similar issue I was told that the implementation of “Only Complete Recordings” was less than perfect. It still catches me out, so it is worth setting that off if you can’t find something you expect to be there, and just wade through the dross. Here is an example of the reverse side of the issue; a recording that cannot possibly be complete presented as one that is:

I have suggested offering a sort or filter by length if the metadata or algorithm that supports “Only Complete Recordings” is unreliable. No takers.

Thanks Jez.

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