Down Thumb Option for Feature Requests

On the community web site there should be down thumb :-1: option.

It seems to me that positive or neutral opinions are over represented, particularly on feature request threads.

I don’ see the need. If it’s not a good idea with enough support, Roon won’t implement it.

Opinion of two.

There is no content here.

Why do you not see the need?

also ditto . . .

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The Community site uses Discourse software.

I had a quick search through the Discourse website for a Dislike or thumbs down feature. This was all I found:

It looks like a Discourse add on can create a Dislike button.

Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea for the reason succinctly put by a Discourse dev; its one thing to know people are not Liking your post and another to know people are Not Liking your post.

The Roon devs have said that Feature Requests are not judged by Forum likes. They have to think about what Roon users who aren’t on the Forum want. That’s about 4/5 of users.


In product development, it’s not a good idea to stiffle new ideas or you can discourage them from ever being put forth. There is plenty of time, down the road, to decide which ones have merit and are worth pursuing. In other words, “there are no bad ideas.”