Down with Fake music (Spotify vs MixCloud)

Sometimes I look for new things on Spotify as they have good playlists. I was looking for a jazz morning playlist and all the ones I found had “fake” musicians. They were like names out of an AI names generator. Or group names like Italian Cafe Trio. The problem is not only on Spotify but it’s worse there. I thought Spotify stopped doing that but clearly not.

In the positive direction, I go to Mixcloud and individual people curate shows of real music, real musicians, trying to get a break.

I’ll pick Mixcloud for sure.

Some Mixcloud DJ to check out…

Edit: I guess the forum does not allow direct links to Mixcloud. Mods, let me know if i should delete.

Looks to be a real thing … Emy Persiani Interviews with Riveting Riffs Magazine and Joe Montague

Doesn’t seem like the same thing…

Agree, but you didn’t say Italian Jazz Cafe … you said Italian Cafe Trio :slight_smile:

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Ah, you got me! I was going by memory when i typed it!

Picking up this thread…

I often pick up playlists in Tidal to find new artists. Am in a “chill jazz” playlist (maybe I should have known better by the name!)

I don’t mind if they pick up local session musicians or rising people trying to make a break, but there are so many complications that have seemingly made up artists.

davide ambrosia
Ahron Kupner
Milos Foreman
David Fitzpatrick Trio

I think Spotify is creating these personas, making trash albums, and then pushing them to Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

Credits are sparse or non-existent.

The obvious answer is to avoid these playlists!

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I had heard rumours of this as the payouts ease the burden on the streaming company, but yes I think that the best thing to do is completely avoid them

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On the Mixcloud front, this kind of discovery reminded me of this post I made while back. But given Roon doesn’t even support Mixcloud, let alone allow you to link though from a track in a Mixcloud stream, this is nothing but a pipe dream in my imagination :wink:

But I agree Mixcloud is a great source of discovering new music, these are a few of my favourites for everyday listening.

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