Downgrade Tidal, Lose MQA Favorites?

I would like to “downgrade” my Tidal account to the non-MQA tier. I have several hundred favorited Tidal albums in Roon. When I switch my Tidal account tier, what will happen to them in Roon? I’m hoping that get changed to the 44.1/16 version.

You won’t. Whatever MQA files you have in your library will play at 44/16.

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Great – thank you!

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You’re welcome Nick.

I just realized I would have to give up Atmos to get rid of MQA, so I’m not going to do it for now. But good to know the option exists.

I did it a few months ago and wanted to try some Atmos tracks but couldn’t. Thinking about going back myself, though I am mostly a 2 channel guy.

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