Download excel file

Is there a method to downlaod your complete bibliotheek (artist + album(s) onto a excel file ?

Go to the album viewer, select all. Three dots menu–>export

Where can I find the ‘select all’ button ?

See the printscreenExport%20Albums%20to%20Excel

Super, thx
Funny, we seems to have the same taste

1 Giant Leap - aye heff thet also; eet’s a very gude album - I particularly liike treck 9 - Daphne.

Downloading to excel works perfectly

Sometimes U don’t know what I want to play, Therefore I have created an excel file in which you can copy the first and second column (artist and album title) of the downloaded file into it and then after a few actions you can get a random selection to copy to the search function in Roon