"Download Favorites Issue" (ref#L0QWO3)

after paid version started, I still want to download my favorites in roon ARC
in my iPAD roonARC, download menu is appeared at Albums.
but it just for 24 albums from 3601.

how to download albums or favorite tracks?

I’m running Roon at MacOS

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

What best describes your issue with ARC

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Describe the issue

unable to download favorites

Describe your network setup

roon server installed at MacOS which shares network via WIFI and roonARC connected to shared WIFI

I see in the screenshot that you have Tidal albums. How many of the albums in your library are from Tidal and how many are local files on your Roon server that you own? Note that you can only download your local files, not Tidal albums:

Offline listening essentials

Before we dive in, let’s touch upon one of your frequently asked questions, “Why can’t I download music from TIDAL and Qobuz in Roon ARC?”

Offline listening in Roon ARC requires the use of files from your local music library. Due to licensing restrictions, music from streaming services cannot be downloaded directly.


one of possible reason is
I did not play music via RoonARC where smart download unable to detect my play pattern.
but still unable to udnerstand why common download menu is not diplayed?

I get to understand the reason.
basically I thought that Qobuz and Total gave a permission to Roon with technical restrictions such as signature rapping music only playable at RoonARC.

from over 3K albums, my own recording albums are very few. too many listen.


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Roon cannot download streaming tracks for offline listening. Basically, I think it is a legal licensing issue and I believe involves parties than just Qobuz and Tidal, aka the labels.

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EDIT: Roon ARC will work on your iPad very well when away from home. While there is no tablet app, the phone app works but doesn’t quite fill up the screen. At home on WIFI, you’re better off using the Roon client app.

As already posted, you cannot download Tidal and Qobuz content, just your own local content which you have bought and paid for. It’s about copyright law.

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sorry. I’m very first user of Roon Community. actually double postings with different topics.
I did not know the community is active.
I’m happy to know it.

Roon ARC is intended for Smartphones - to access Roon when outside of your home.

You should install the Roon client on your iPad - a) because it is designed for this device and b) you get more Roon functionality than Roon ARC gives you.


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