Download hangs on Android

Hi @support,

I have seen an issue where the Roon remote v1.5, Build 360 download from the Android Play store hangs at 38%. It will hang for a long time - about 4 minutes - and then complete the installation. I don’t think it’s just the progress bar not updating. 0-38% only takes just a matter of seconds. The elapsed time doesn’t add up.

I first saw the issue about three or four weeks ago and most recently saw it this morning.

I’ve reproduced this on four Android devices, at various dates within that time range. All the devices were Samsungs, including two phones and two tablets. (Galaxy S7s, a Tab S, and a Tab A) They all have reasonably new OSs, from Marshmallow to Oreo.

Oddly, on an old phone company freebee tablet (the very same one that’s in the oft-viewed thread on Android screen resolution), there was no hang. This device is on Android Jellybean. This is the first time that tablet has performed better than, well, any other deviceat all, at anything. :slight_smile:

Sorry I haven’t reported this sooner.


I just installed fresh from the Play Store on Pixel 2 XL – no issues here.

Is this happening when you’re upgrading or installing fresh? If it’s the former, can you try uninstalling completely and then re-installing from the Play Store?

You could also try installing the APK from our Downloads page, but let us know if you’re stuck here and we can take a deeper look.

Upgrading. Once I tumbled to the fact that all I had to do was wait, the download/upgrade process succeeded.

OK, I just deleted the app and attempted to install it from fresh on my S7. The download hung at 38%, went ten minutes, and failed with a message from the Play Store. This happened twice. On the third attempt, the app downloaded successfully, with no hang.

This is an off-putting experience. I have no idea if it only affects Samsung users or random users or what. (I did use different Play Store accounts with the same results.) If I’m the only one seeing it, it’s no biggie, as I was able to upgrade my app. But I certainly wouldn’t want new users running into it.

Agreed. Obviously, we don’t have a lot of involvement in the interaction between these devices and the Play Store, but we’ll look into this a bit more and we’ll keep an eye out for other reports.

In any event, thanks for the feedback here, and Happy New Year!