Download icon not visible in ARC (ios)

Installation ARC has been smootly. After changing upnp access on my router the connection with the Core works perfect. The only thing that doesn’t work is the download feature. The icon is not visible in the playlists or the albums ?

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I am having the same issue

Where is the icon to down load?

The download feature, which is only for your own files, would be found at the top right ish of the album page and looks like a little down arrow into a dish.

Doesn’t work for Tidal or Qobuz. Only your personal files

Yes, but there is no icon at all🤔

Yes, but I’m looking into my personal files. For example playlists made in Roon or Albums in my library. Not at the playlists in Tidal

There must be a little bug somewhere. This will be resolved soon I think. In the settings the download feature is present. It’s just the Icon that is not visible in de the Roon playlists. Maybe related to Tidal. Do tou have Tidal ?

It look nice but I really don’t have this icon in Arc

I had the same issue… no download icon on iOS

Restarted the Core Roon and my iPhone and it appeared!

Only local files

By local files we mean your own ripped music. And, not the streaming service content. You cannot download any offline music from Tidal or Qobuz within the Roon ARC app.

Yes :slight_smile: Only local files

Ok, now it’s clear. For me this option is not useful. I will still need Tidal for streaming outside my wifirange. I don’t have local files

Would add a bit of value if we could download Roon Playlists and other playlists we have saved that may contain tracks from Tidal/Qobuz.

Yes, that’s really a streaming service, only the possibility to download ‘personal’ files is not 2022 technology

The download feature should include files from streaming services such as Tidal/Qobuz, otherwise I still need to switch between apps when I am on the go (and listening to my offline files). I can understand that there might be some copyright issues but this can be solved by automatic deletion after 30 days or so.

Tell that to the streaming services and the labels. Roon would be more than happy to implement this, but they simply don’t allow it. The willingness to resolve copyright issues (ie. pay the labels significantly more money, and, likely, charge the user extra because of it) is not strong either, it’s rather convenient for themto lock in users to their own app.

That’s the spirit and that’s what streaming should be. My playlist in Roon should be in my streaming worldwide. That’s Roon in a universal context.