Download of music not possible

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core running of a QNAP NAS with latest Firmware.
Roon Arc on a iPhone 14 Pro Max with 512 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AVM Router Fritz!Box 7590
Roon Arc Connection to QNAP is up and running

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Nova

Number of Tracks in Library

10.000 tracks

Description of Issue

I cannot download music on the Roon ARC on my iPhone. There is no download button at a album and nothing at a single track. I only have the button where I can see that there are no downloads.
Please can you help me?
Best regards, Michael

Are you attempting to download local files that are sitting on your server? That should work. Qobuz and Tidal files can’t be downloaded to ARC.


That was also thought of mine, but the attached album is locally stored on my QNAP and I cannot find the download button - neither on the album page nor on a single track.
Any ideas?

Very odd. If an album is in my local library I get the download icon just above the top right of the album cover:-

As explained. You can only download your locally owned music. You cannot download any streaming service content. Due to many licensing issues/restrictions, etc.

Roon go into more detail on Darko’s podcast.

Thank you all - you are completely right.

I think that I had a problem with my Roon database. I saw a “!” at the top right and if I click on it, I got a message that there is a problem with my backup. Now I set up the complete database again and now it works. Thank you very much!

Best regards, Michael