Download Qobuz Purchases, Replace Qobuz Favorites in Roon Auto-magically

Like the subject says. I am OK with using the Qobuz app/website to purchase music. But afterwards, I would love to see Roon see that purchase, download it into my library (maybe specify a location for these downloads), and then un-fav that album on Qobuz, eliminating any duplicates.

I love Qobuz because of how easy it is to purchase Redbook or higher-res albums. But, it’s a bit of a process to then include the download into my local library and then remove the corresponding favorite. Because this is done outside of Roon, I feel compelled to “correct” the French metadata, add it to iTunes, et al.

If Roon did this auto-magically, I would be buying albums like a Pavlovian rat, craving more pellets.


As a Qobuz purchaser i agree it could be a lot better. Can’t purchase from iOS apps so I use the browser on the Mac core to purchase and untar the download to my music drive. I don’t have to fix any metadata however. Roon picks it up and prefers its own metadata anyway. Purchasing is not part of the normal listening API I’m sure from a Roon integration standpoint.