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Response to prompt ‘Nucleus has latest version’.

I am using Samsung tablet to run roon using wireless connection to internet.

Roon Labs page lists available downloads for Roon Remote; Android (Google Play) or Android (apk). Which one? Current version 1.8 build 952

You would want to update that through the Google Play store.
Do you know what version your Nucleus is on now though first?

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Roon os 1.0, build 227, version 2.0 build 1128

Then you should be good to DL the latest app from the Google play store.

Hi @tom_hanrahan,

I’m sorry for any delays in getting back to you.

Unfortunately, the device you are using does not meet the minimum requirements for Roon Remote 2.0

That will leave you with two options. Revert to Roon 1.8 Legacy here or utilize an Android device capable of using Android 9.0 or later.

The links should give you what you need to get things working but we are here to help if something isn’t clear.


Wes, thanks for your effort. Installing Roon Remote legacy version 1.8 build 1126 did not solve problem. Launching Roon Remote from Android tablet generated response ’ Roon is trying to connect but Core and Remote running different versions. Nucleus core 2.0 build 1128 production. The configuration since 4/2021 Nucleus and Android tablet. This configuration worked until this week, a two week period of inactivity preceded issue. Suspect Nucleus version since 4/2021 other than 2.0. If set will newer versions of core be uploaded automatically to Nucleus? Do Remote and Core both require 2.0? If so any chance Android 7.0 can run Remote 2.0?

You need to run Roon 2.0 or Roon 1.8 Legacy on all of your devices. You can’t mix and match. You can only run Roon 2.0 if ALL of the devices you want to use meet the Roon minimum standards. Wes posted a link to the requirements.

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If I check the current app requirements in Googles app store, then Roon Remote (1.8 Legacy as well as 2.0) are listed as compatible with Android 5.0 and higher (and are installed and running here on Android 7.0). The new Roon ARC app however is listed as compatible with Android 9.0 and higher (as announced by Roon).

So by that, you should be able to install Roon Remote from the app store (or use the APK download from Roon’s download page).

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