Downloading different audio resolutions same track

Does Roon allow for categorizing and playback of the same track at different resolutions. I have been downloading several types of audio files for the same track and they do not show up in the Roon Browser.

Roon by default hides duplicates and displays the best resolution. You can turn this off in the settings.

Where is this in settings?

General tab Show hidden set to yes

Thank you. That does not work actually. Maybe a bug.

Albums have an Other Versions button, but I can’t see a similar feature for Tracks.

I’ve got various multi-rate/format tracks from the 2L testbed, and they all show up in album view albeit grouped slightly erratically. I haven’t looked into it in detail though.

It doesn’t. Even though you are listening or using 1 track you need to go the album view to get the other Versions. But I have done so quite successfully to compare 6 different versions of one 1 song.

It works now. However, 5.1 channel tracks do not come up. Looks like that will be part of a future release.

5.1 isn’t supported yet.

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