Downloading "Favorites" in ARC

Living in Montana I often don’t have cellular connections when traveling. I’d like to download all of my Roon “Favorites” on ARC but I don’t see a way to do that.

Am I missing something? If not, could you add that as a feature request?


Hi John, you may find the link below useful. You can only download local files but not Tidal/Qobuz…

thanks I get all of that… but I’d like to be able to download the (mostly) albums that I’ve favorited in Roon in a batch and not selecting them one-by-one. Is that possible?

I’m not aware of that option, it’s a progressive process of adding favourites but bulk deletion of favourites is possible!
You could put in a feature request but these requests, if agreed, can take forever to implement…

There is currently a new ARC version in Early Release beta testing that can auto-download albums (up to a maximum storage size on the phone that you can configure), and it automatically prioritizes albums by various criteria, like how often you listen to them, the most recent library additions, etc.

This might solve your needs, and this update will probably arrive in the regular production updates before too long.


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