Downloading playlists and syncing

Hello good people,

I’m enjoying Roon Arc so far. I ran into a problem, so allow a quick question about functionality, tho. Maybe one of you can help me out.

I made a playlist with Roon. Shows up in Arc. Download in Arc works fine too. Files are stored locally on my phone and available for offline playback.

This is where the problem begins. I added a few tracks to the playlist in Roon. Arc shows them, but there’s no way to download them for offline listening. Only solution so far: delete offline files for complete playlist and redownload. Bit cumbersome for long playlists, tho. Is there a better way to sync updated playlists for offline listening in Arc?

It’s a known issue and on the roadmap for fixing.

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Yes, pretty stupid oversight. I think offline needs have been hugely deprecated, I can half understand why it’s in Roon’s interest to do so but I’m sad about it.

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It wasn’t an oversight it was known and in the list if known issues almost all software has at release.

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It was an oversight not to have had that feature on the very first written specification of the ARC software was my point. To have gone on to write the software and release it without that feature implies a really deliberate stance.

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Thanks for the clarification. I hope they fix it soon. Gotta agree, it would seem like a feature they should have included right from the start. (Auto-)syncing playlists for offline use, or at least giving the option to download individual tracks (not just complete albums or playlists) would habe been nice. Anyway, still glad ARC exits.

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