Downloading Roon to a new computer?

In Dec I downloaded Roon onto my laptop, for the 14 day trial.

This trial was successful - so just before Christmas, I signed up for a year’s subscription.

I now have a new computer - which will be dedicated to Roon and Audacity - and wish to download Roon onto this new computer.

When I first tried it, I got an error msg which said I was already connected to a Core - which was my laptop (even though Roon wasn’t open on the laptop). So I shut down my laptop and again tried to download Roon onto my new computer.

This time, the error msg didn’t appear - but the Roon install icon just kept on going; as I have a very fast (wired) Internet connection, it shouldn’t take long.

So I am seeking advice as to how to download Roon onto my new computer. Once it is downloaded and I’ve transferred my music files to the new computer, I will no longer use Roon on my laptop.

Somewhere in the process you should see an option to click on “Unauthorize” which will tell Roon to let you move your license to your new computer. You can have Roon core on multiple computers, but with one license, you can only have one core authorized at a time. You can move the authorization from computer to computer if you want or need to for some reason.

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Brilliant - thanks, Jim.

Yes, I saw the “Unauthorise” prompt … but I thought it might permanently remove Roon from my laptop - so didn’t click on it.

(I just need to flip-flop between the two computers for a short time, until I get my existing music files transferred across - then I can keep the new computer permanently authorised.)

But, you can take your laptop with you when you travel and authorize it for use away from home. That works great for Tidal and Qobuz, but is more of an issue if you have local music files you want to use.

You can also use your laptop as a Roon control device with your Roon core authorized on your other computer. I prefer a laptop vs phone or tablet for Roon control.

Thanks, Jim … but I don’t envisage needing Roon’s “travel option”; I will only be using it in my ‘listening room’.

And I will control the Roon PC using the attached keyboard, mouse & screen.

But sure, maybe in the future I will get more adventurous! :grinning:

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