Downloading to a Linux music server

As a newbie computerophobe, can anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction in downloading Roon bridge/server to my Vortexbox Linux-based music server/player?


I had to read up a bit on Vortexbox as I don’t have any experience with this tailored distro. But it is based on Fedora, so there shouldn’t be a problem with installing Roon bridge or server…

First, you need shell access… if you have a Mac computer, you can use the Terminal app of the Mac. If you are a Windows user, you need to install PuTTY on your Windows PC.

Second, you need to know the IP your Vortexbox uses on your private network.

Then you can connect to the box with ‘ssh root@’ with the password ‘vortexbox’. Please use the IP your Vortexbox is assigned on your network, is just an example. If you have assigned another password for the Vortexbox root account, please use the password you have assigned during the Vortexbox installation.

Once you are connected, you can begin with the installation process of Roon server:

Roon server depends on some software tools that need to be installed BEFORE you intend to install the server itself. If you try to install the Roon server without these dependencies packages present on your system, the installation will fail.

Most important, you need the ffmpeg package. On Fedora or Vortexbox (which is derived from Fedora Linux), I believe you would use the package manager command ‘dnf’ to install additional software. Try ‘dnf install ffmpeg’.

Second, the package cifs-utils must be installed on your system. Try ‘dnf install cifs-utils’.

Once these packages are installed, you install Roon server with these commands:

curl -O
(This downloads the installation script for Roon server to your Vortexbox).

chmod +x
(This makes the installation script executable).

(This installs the Roon server software).

This should do the trick… Once installed, you can use any Roon remote (tablet, cell phone, Windows PC, Mac) to connect to your Roon server and go from there.

Good luck!